Warranty Terms & Conditions

The company, Luker Electric Technologies Pvt Ltd offers warranty period to the buyers of its products under conditions set out hereafter. The warranty period applies to the functional defects of the Luker range of products resulting from the defectiveness of the material being used or irregularities in the production process, provided that the product is mounted and used in accordance with the Manufacturer's instructions and requirements mentioned in the catalogue or instruction manuals provided. Kindly note that different products are provided with different warranty period and it is mentioned in the product catalogues or may be confirmed with the company before purchase.

Products, for which the warranty provided is that the manufacturer will repair or replace at its discretion with the products of the same type and at least, the same quality at its own expense. The company will not cover any losses caused to property or person directly or indirectly with the usage of the Luker range of products. The maximum liability due to malfunction of the products is limited only up to its purchase cost of the product.

The warrantee is invalid and not applicable incase of the conditions further detailed below.

If the product is not used in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions or the product is used for purposes other than those for which it was designed or the incorrect assembly of the product. If mechanical damage and faults caused by the buyer's or third party's incorrect handling of the product or damage and faults caused by natural disasters ( lightning, earthquake, fire, floods etc. or Damage and faults caused by the incorrect electrical voltage for example, electrical stroke, high voltage surge and similar). If any repairs and interventions in products by unauthorized persons or any modifications of the product done by the customer. Any disputed arising under this warranty clause shall fall only within the jurisdiction of the courts at Ernakulam, Kerala, India.